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Association of American Railroads / Transportation Technology Center Inc (AAR / TTCI)

Association of American Railroads

Transportation Technology Center, Inc., a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads, is a world-class transportation research and testing organisation, providing emerging technology solutions for the railway industry throughout North America and the World.

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB)


Deutsche Bahn AG is a modern diversified services company providing complete mobility and logistics solutions. DB’s technical know-how is pooled at its engineering centre. DB Systemtechnik is Europe’s biggest centre of excellence for railway technology. It boasts a workforce of 650 employees and and 18 integrated test centres and, in addition to providing specialist support for the DB Group, is also increasingly active on the global railway market.


Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB)

RSSB is the GB Rail industry’s own body for standards, safety and research. It is a not for profit company owned by all the players in the industry, whose purpose is to provide high quality services to members to help them deliver their business objectives and to support the industry to:

• Where reasonably practicable, continuously improve the level of safety in the industry
• Drive out unnecessary cost, and
• Improve business performance

Working with its members from across the industry RSSB manages and delivers two research programmes, focused on a broadly based business portfolio and on long term strategic research.


Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI)


The Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) was established with the permission of the Japanese Minister of Transport (now the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation) on 10 December 1986 when the Japanese National Railways (JNR) was privatised, taking over the research and development activities of JNR's research units. RTRI now promotes research and development activities in a wide range of fields including rolling stock, civil engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, material, environment and human sciences, from basic research to application in order to achieve technological innovation.


Trenitalia SpA


100% subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato SpA, Trenitalia manages passengers and logistics.
Created to meet the railway industry needs, Trenitalia aims to meet the challenges of the market by putting the customer at the centre of its activities. Trenitalia works to make its industrial organisation more modern and efficient, in which productivity, budget surplus, quality service is combined with high levels of social responsibility both for territory and environment sustainability.
With this goal, it supports efforts towards a more flexible society, rapidly able to update strategies and objectives.

One of the first railway operators in Europe, it operates about 9,000 daily trains and transports per year, more than half a billion passengers and about 80 million tons of cargo. It also has a strong international commitment: as illustrated by its numerous trade agreements with other European rail operators and significant acquisitions the shares held by foreign operators.


International Union of Railways (UIC)

The UIC – in existence since 1922 - is the worldwide international railway sector organisation, with 198 members across all 5 continents. UIC members may be: integrated railway companies, infrastructure managers, railway or combined transport operators, rolling stock and traction leasing companies or service providers. The UIC mission is to promote rail transport on a global level and meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development.

The main UIC objectives are to facilitate the sharing of best practices among members (benchmarking), to support members in their efforts to develop new business and new areas of activities, to propose new ways to improve technical and environmental performance, to promote
interoperability, create new world standards for railways (including common standards with other transport modes) and to develop centres of competence (High Speed, Safety, Security, e-Business, …).

Australasian Railway Association

Australasian Railway Association

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) is a member-based association that represents the interests of the rail industry in Australasia. The ARA is actively involved in the development of rail policy to ensure industry views are represented when decisions affecting rail are being made.


The CRC for Rail Innovation


The CRC for Rail Innovation is a collaborative venture between leading organisations in the rail industry and Australian Universities and is supported by the Commonwealth Government.  The centre undertakes research to generate significant economic and social benefits for Australia.





SNCF is one of the leading mobility and logistics enterprises in the world today, with approximately 235 000 employees in 120 countries. SNCF's turnover for 2010 is 30 billion euros, of which 20% is generated internationally. SNCF’s objective is to encourage a more mobile, respectful and supportive society, making ecomobility an engine of growth and customer preference, both for travelers and shippers.

The group is organised into five sectors: management, operations, maintenance and infrastructure engineering, mainly railway (SNCF Infra), urban, sub-urban and regional daily passenger transportation, (SNCF Proximités), long distance and high speed rail passenger transportation (SNCF Voyages), transport and freight logistics (SNCF Geodis), management and development of railway stations (Gares & Connexions)

and Innovation Management & Research.

Assisting the ARA and Rail CRC for the WCRR 2013 will be Informa Australia


Informa Australia is the Australia’s leading event organiser and specialist trade publisher.  Its quarterly magazine Rail Express and its online platform provide strategic insight into the burgeoning Australasian rail industry.

The company consists of three event divisions specialising in the provision of must have business information in the following sector:
•    Maritime and Transport
•    Resources, Mining and Energy
•    Finance, ITC, Healthcare, Education, Defence & Government